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Submission Guidelines: Shameless

Shameless is Etopia Press's contemporary romance imprint. Like all our imprints, Shameless is looking for strong, alpha heroes; likeable, independent heroines; and stories that capture all the drama, joy, pain, and passion of contemporary life. These stories can be witty and funny, or more serious and dramatic. They can harness the power of traditional devices like secret babies, billionaire sheiks, and hot firefighters, or do something a little different. What they should all have in common is tons of sexual tension, loads of emotion, and when your characters finally come together, there should be lots of deliciously steamy love scenes. Shameless heroes should be rugged and masculine—even if they’re the boy next door. A Shameless hero will move mountains to be with the woman he loves—even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Shameless Stories Should Have
  1. Lots of hot, shameless love scenes! Pour on the sexual tension, and let your readers feel their desire.
  2. Believable plots that reflect contemporary reality. Today, things like sexual harassment in the workplace make the Sexy Boss stories much more difficult to write realistically, and the Arrogant Hero can seem to many readers like nothing more than a jerk.
  3. Likeable heroines. It’s easy to cross the line between snarky in a funny way, and just bitchy.
  4. Crisp, snappy dialogue, quick pacing, and lots of conflict to spur the characters into action.
  5. Lengths: Novellas and novels, 20,000-90,000 words
  6. All characters who have sex must be 18 years of age or older, even in historical and fantasy romances.
Stories May Not Contain
  1. Sex between characters under the age of 18.
  2. “Closed door” or off-stage love scenes. These stories should be very sensual with lots of sexual tension, but not erotic.
  3. Adultery or cheating. The romantic pair may not be married to others during the course of the story, or have sexual relationships with anyone else other than the hero/heroine (there are some plotlines in historicals when one character may be unsuitably married and be “rescued” by the hero or heroine, but this should be used cautiously).
Submission Instructions

Submit the complete manuscript plus a short synopsis and cover letter. Cover letter should include your book title, pen name (if applicable), real name, address, email address, genre/subgenre, and word count. Please also include this information in the top left hand corner of both your synopsis and manuscript.


Your manuscript and synopsis should be saved as .doc or .docx only.


Please name your files according to this naming convention:


BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Manuscript.doc (or .docx)

BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Synopsis.doc (or .docx)


Then send them as attachments to an email to submission