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Submission Guidelines: Rush!

Etopia Rush! is Etopia Press's erotic romance imprint. These stories are first and foremost romance—they must have a happily-ever-after or a happy-for-now ending and must have at their core a developing love relationship. But these books also have a high degree of sexuality and eroticism that cannot be separated from the story. The characters are inherently sexual, and their sexual relationship is a natural result of their developing relationship. Stories should possess more love scenes than a mainstream romance, and use contemporary, graphic language. The sex scenes should be graphic and explicit—and hot—no missionary-only, please! Like the rest of the story, the sex scenes should actively engage the reader—these stories are designed to titillate. All romance readers want to feel the love, but erotic romance readers also want to feel the sex!

Sexual content may include kink, fetish, bondage, D/s, spanking, toys and props, multiple partners, anal sex, and other practices that may be offensive to some traditional romance readers. Almost all erotic romance stories should contain some creative sexual encounters that go beyond “vanilla.”

Etopia Rush! Stories Should Have
  1. Lots of hot, delicious sex! Take us with your characters as they feel that rush of desire, of erotic love, of sexual pleasure. No euphemistic language—keep it real, and keep it sexy! If your characters only engage in missionary position and standard oral sex, then your story is probably better suited to one of our other imprints.
  2. In ménage and multiple partner stories, the characters must still be involved in a romantic, emotional relationship with one another—it's not about casual sex. Characters involved with the multi relationship may have sex occasionally as couples, but only with other members of the multi relationship (that is, no one-nighters with outsiders—no cheating). In Etopia Rush! the "multi" relationship should develop and remain intact throughout the story and contain a happily-ever-after or happy-for-now ending for all, or at least most, of the characters, depending on the storyline. Remember, Etopia Rush! stories are still, at their heart, romance. We still want love and some final form of commitment, if only “happily for now” along with the hot sex!  
  3. Safe sex. This is required for contemporary stories. Certain historical, fantasy, etc. stories may be exempt from this requirement, but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Lengths: Short Stories, novellas, and novels. 20,000 to 100,000 words
  5. All characters who have sex must be 18 years of age or older, even in historical and fantasy.
Stories May Not Contain
  1. Adultery or cheating. The romantic pair (or more) may not be married to others during the course of the story (unless in the case of ménage or more, the married couple is two of the threesome or more). In couples stories, the romantic couple may not have casual sex or a sexual relationship with anyone else once they have sex with each other. Previous lovers or situations may be OK, depending on the storyline. Your characters may be sexy and insatiable, but they only have eyes (and lips and hands and other things) for each other.
  2. Sex between characters under the age of 18.
  3. Rape for titillation (exploring it for literary reasons is ok, but rape is a crime, not a turn-on. Capture fantasy, dubious consent, etc. are OK.
  4. Pedophilia, incest, necrophilia, bestiality etc. (We don’t want Daddy stories. Vampires, shape-shifters, aliens, and other sentient non-humans are OK.).
  5. bodily functions, i.e. "golden showers."
Submission Instructions

Submit the complete manuscript plus a short synopsis and cover letter. Cover letter should include your book title, pen name (if applicable), real name, address, email address, genre/subgenre, and word count. Please also include this information in the top left hand corner of both your synopsis and manuscript.


Your manuscript and synopsis should be MS Word or Open Office documents saved as .doc or .docx only.


Please name your files according to this naming convention:


BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Manuscript.doc (or .docx)

BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Synopsis.doc (or .docx)


Then send them as attachments to an email to submissions@etopia-press.net