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Raw Silk

Submission Guidelines: Raw Silk

Raw Silk is Etopia Press's historical romance imprint. We’re looking for strong, alpha heroes; brave, indomitable heroines; and times and locales that speak to a reader’s sense of romance and mystery. Highland warriors, Western lawmen, Regency rakes—these are a few of the reader favorites we’re most interested in seeing—swashbuckling pirates, Viking raiders, and other powerful figures also make strong heroes who can rule men, but fall victim to the charms of one, small woman. These stories are bursting with historical detail and colorful settings, and transport the reader to a different time and place. Strong, believable conflicts should be at the center of the story—no one ever wants to fall in love in a historical romance (at least not with that horrid man!). When your characters finally do give in, their love scenes will be plentiful and passionate, very steamy and sensual, and undeniably romantic.

Raw Silk Stories Should Have
  1. Lots of steamy, delicious love scenes! Take us with your characters as they feel that rush of desire. Language should remain in keeping with the period (as should everything else).
  2. Accurate historical detail and rich world-building. These stories must be researched for accuracy in the little details of clothing, food, housing, transportation, hairstyles, etc.
  3. Dialogue and narrative should be flavored with authentic period wording and syntax—but not so authentic we need footnotes.
  4. Lengths: Novels 50,000 to 100,000 words
  5. All characters who have sex must be 18 years of age or older, even in historical and fantasy.
Stories May Not Contain
  1. Sex between characters under the age of 18.
  2. Rape for titillation (exploring it for literary reasons is ok, but rape is a crime, not a turn-on. Capture fantasy, dubious consent, etc. are OK.
  3. Adultery or cheating. The romantic pair (or more) may not be married to others during the course of the story, or have sexual relationships with anyone else other than the hero/heroine (there are some plotlines in historicals when one character may be unsuitably married and be “rescued” by the hero or heroine, but this should be used cautiously).
Submission Instructions

Submit the complete manuscript plus a short synopsis and cover letter. Cover letter should include your book title, pen name (if applicable), real name, address, email address, genre/subgenre, and word count. Please also include this information in the top left hand corner of both your synopsis and manuscript.


Your manuscript and synopsis should be saved as .doc or .docx only.


Please name your files according to this naming convention:


BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Manuscript.doc (or .docx)

BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Synopsis.doc (or .docx)


Then send them as attachments to an email to submissions@etopia-press.net