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Deadly Desires

Submission Guidelines: Deadly Desires

Deadly Desires is Etopia Press’s romantic suspense imprint. We’re looking for strong, alpha heroes; brave, indomitable heroines, and tense, fast-moving plots filled with danger and suspense. Police, military, and paramilitary men are natural heroes, but don’t forget the strong heroines—FBI agents, detectives, or just ordinary Janes who fall into the role of amateur sleuth or “woman in danger” against their will. These stories should have lots of conflict and drama—something important is always at stake, and death lurks around every corner.

The range of romance and sexual heat can vary from super steamy romantic suspense to stories that focus more on the suspense and thriller angle, with romantic elements that are secondary. Whichever story type you write, be sure to keep the romance and the action in balance and convincingly paced. Your characters shouldn’t expect the bad guy to be courteous and wait patiently outside their door while they make love. In the more romantic stories, we want to follow the romance as tightly as the suspense, and be rooting for your characters to not only solve the mystery/catch the bad guy/save the world, but find their happily-ever-after with each other.

Deadly Desires Stories Should Have
  1. Lots of tightly paced, tensely written conflict and action (even if that action is of the more intellectual variety).
  2. Safe sex, if your characters have on-screen love scenes. No sense escaping the serial killer only to die of HIV.
  3. Accurate, real-world details in such things as weapons, police procedure, criminal psychology, or whatever specific elements your story contains.  
  4. Believable plots and events, and realistic character behaviors. Readers can tell immediately when an action or event is contrived in order to make the plot “work.”
  5. Lengths: Novels 50,000 to 100,000 words
  6. All characters who have sex must be 18 years of age or older.
Stories May Not Contain
  1. Sex between characters under the age of 18.
  2. Unprotected sex.
  3. Rape for titillation (exploring it for literary reasons is ok, but rape is a crime, not a turn-on. Capture fantasy, dubious consent, etc. are OK.
Submission Instructions

Submit the complete manuscript plus a short synopsis and cover letter. Cover letter should include your book title, pen name (if applicable), real name, address, email address, genre/subgenre, and word count. Please also include this information in the top left hand corner of both your synopsis and manuscript.

Your manuscript and synopsis should be saved as .doc or .docx only.

Please name your files according to this naming convention:

BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Manuscript.doc (or .docx)

BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Synopsis.doc (or .docx)

Then send them as attachments to an email to submissions@etopia-press.net