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Submission Guidelines: Audacious

Audacious is Etopia Press's new adult, or “NA” romance imprint. Like all our imprints, Shameless is looking for strong, alpha heroes and likeable, independent heroines, but these characters should be in between 18 and their early twenties and be dealing with the transitions between high school, college, and the working world. They can be coming of age stories, or they can deal other themes completely, but what all Audacious stories have in common is the fresh, engaging voice of the times, and characters who are living through the social and cultural issues that are out there, right now.

These stories can be romance of any subgenre (except historical, unless it’s a time-travel), or they can be contemporary fiction with strong romantic elements (we’ve yet to meet a 20-year-old whose priorities didn’t include hot guys, so…) Heroines can be funny and a little snarky, but don’t let her slip into bitchiness. The tone of these stories can be light and humorous, dark and dramatic, or somewhere in between, but Audacious stories always revolve around the themes and issues that make the life of a new adult different from that of her 27-year-old sister.

Audacious Stories Should Have
  1. Likeable, audacious characters, between 18 and their early twenties. Watch that the snarky voice doesn't go overboard.
  2. If your characters have sex, it should be steamy and realistic.
  3. Safe sex. No exceptions.
  4. Believable plots, conflicts, events, and attention to real-life detail. Your characters may be 20-something and new to the world, but you as the author need to know how the real world works.
  5. Crisp, snappy dialogue and narrative that reflects the unique voice of this age group.
  6. Third or first person.
  7. Lengths: Novellas/Novels, 20,000-75,000 words
  8. All characters who have sex must be 18 years of age or older. No dipping back into the high school pool unless the other character is also 18.
Stories May Not Contain
  1. Sex with characters under the age of 18 (yep, we mean it).
  2. If your characters have sex, it should be integral to the story. So if they're doing it, we don't want “Closed door” or off-stage love scenes. Sex is a hugely important part of this stage of life, and if the character chooses to do it, it's important enough to be explored through the course of the story.
  3. Unprotected sex.
Submission Instructions

Submit the complete manuscript plus a short synopsis and cover letter. Cover letter should include your book title, pen name (if applicable), real name, address, email address, genre/subgenre, and word count. Please also include this information in the top left hand corner of both your synopsis and manuscript.


Your manuscript and synopsis should be saved as .doc or .docx only.


Please name your files according to this naming convention:


BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Manuscript.doc (or .docx)

BookTitle_ByAuthorName_Synopsis.doc (or .docx)


Then send them as attachments to an email to submissions@etopia-press.n